What time was it when I had that pain thing

The time of the day that you experience pain can tell you what rehab drills you should do many times.  If you have morning pain that seems to always get better as you get moving with your day, then we need to add specific mobility drills.  If you have pain later in the day, your pain may need vision and vestibular drills.  This video shows some simple vision and vestibular drills you can start with but everyone is different and eventually you will want to come in to our clinic or find someone who can test you to determine your specific protocol.   I just want you to try some beginning drills and see if you move better or see a little clearer.

Print out a simple font chart and eye exercise froms our website and test your vision pre and post drills
 (Font Chart) & (saccades VOR pencilpush-ups)
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