Physical Therapy

physical therapyDo not live in pain anymore!

Are you in pain and find yourself unable to complete everyday tasks? Our team at ProActive Healthcare may be able to help. We offer St. Paul chiropractic care and physical therapy services, which can be customized to meet your needs and wishes. Our physical therapy services can also help you recover from various types of surgeries. When you visit ProActive Healthcare’s facility, our physical therapist can listen to your symptoms and determine a care plan.

Physical therapy often includes the following activities:

  • Stretching

  • Core exercises
  • Walking
  • Weight lifting
  • Swimming

Frustrated in the past after going to a chiropractor and the pain came back?  Well you missed the important area of strengthening the muscles around the spine to hold the adjustments in place. It is imperative you find an experienced physical therapeutic specialists  that works with your chiropractic care to ensure your pain is minimized or eliminated in a safe, efficient manner. Our physical therapeutic specialists work under the same roof as our chiropractor and other medical professionals, so you do not have to visit multiple facilities to obtain outstanding treatment. Please call us at (651) 778-0080 to schedule an appointment today!