Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness programs

We offer

• In-House chair massage
• Stress Management and employee safety classes
• Wellness Forums
• Health Fairs
• Health Screenings
• Nutritional Consultations
• Wellness Email’s
• Online health surveys
• Lunch and learns
• Corporate Wellness Programs for Employees

If you have never had a wellness program for your company, we can start off with simple free services that don’t cost the company anything.

Benefits to you, the Employer

The Creating Wellness program ensures a high level of employee participation, is easy to administer, and elevates the health and wellness of your employees.

Deliver an employee Wellness Culture Our program does not deliver incompatible services to the current employee culture, but leads the culture to a new level of health awareness that can improve and save their lives.

Measurable Results

At Creating Wellness, an employee’s level of wellness is not a guess; rather a comprehensive, non-invasive Employee Wellness Assessment – which yields the “Wellness Quotient”.

Low Cost Entry

We are so committed to the results of our program that we offer a low cost introduction to our wellness program until which time the individual employee exercise his or her option to enroll in the full program.

Improved Productivity

Your company has the potential to benefit through higher productivity, decreased health cost, decreased absenteeism, as well as happier and healthier employees.

Benefits to your Employees

The Creating Wellness program is so complete, so innovative and so effective, employees could start living a healthier lifestyle today!

Improved Self Esteem and High Utilization

The results of the Creating Wellness assessment are so unique to the individual that employees are empowered by the attention to their specific needs. They feel validated and their self-esteem improves. They commit to program success.

Confidential and Easy to Follow

While group reporting will be available to the employer, results for the individual employee will be confidentially maintained in HIPAA compliance.

Participation is Contagious and Fun!

Employees become motivated to improve their personal WQ scores over time. Departments can be rewarded for highest total WQ scores. Participation in the program is team building.

Creating Wellness offers actual lifestyle strategies to help your employees to turn negative stress into positive energy. Your employees will gain confidence as they lose inches by getting into shape from the inside out. We look forward to helping you and your employees with a proven program and trusted professionals.

We now offer on-line employee questionnaires that give you a great idea of the stress your employees are dealing with on a daily basis.