Neuropathy Treatment

Neuropathy Treatment

Neuropathy TreatmentWe offer neuropathy testing at our facility!

At ProActive Healthcare, our treatments are designed to help minimize or eliminate any type of pain you are feeling, including pain related to neuropathy. If you do not know if you suffer from neuropathy, we feature diagnostic testing at our St. Paul chiropractic care facility. Neuropathy testing consists of various painless, simple tests and can help us diagnose if you have neuropathy, and if so, what type of peripheral neuropathy you can undergo. Our neuropathy tests include Electrodiagnostic testing, Electromyography, Nerve Conduction Velocity testing, and Autonomic testing.

We have various types of neuropathy treatments such as:

• Physical therapy/rehab
• Nutrition, diet, and exercise plans
• Neuro electrotherapy clinically tested rebuilder

If you have neuropathy, let us help you live a pain-free life. If you wish to be tested for neuropathy, visit our conveniently located St. Paul facility today. Free consultations are available, so call(651) 778-0080 now to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members!