Thank you so much for your appreciations and following our treatment plans!

Judy C
I was in an auto accident and I had difficulty walking and getting around because of back and neck pain. They seem to do everything they can think of to help you feel beet with the way they treat you and their caring attitude. I would recommend anyone that hurts come to them for care and they will do their best to help you. The doctor is patient and does everything he can to help you feel better. The massage therapist and rehab therapist are very good and helpful.

Robert L
Over the years I have had severe lower back problems and pinched nerves.  I am please with Proactive Healthcare and the doctor for their knowledge of chiropractic care, listening skills, well equipped facility, and excellent physical therapy.  After having tried all others, try Dr. Nate and you won’t regret it.  I have been coming for 7 years ago.

Lisa N
I just want to tell you how much you have helped me over the past 18 months.  After my husband passed away I was faced with some very stressful times and I seem to carry that stress in my lower back area.  I came in to see Dr. Nate and after he carefully evaluated me and my needs he began to treat me.  I was deathly afraid of being adjusted and Dr. Nate was very understanding.  I still am seeing him 18 months later for wellness care but not as much and with fewer aches and pains.

Ron K

Dr. Nate listens to my concerns and provides treatment based on my needs.  Since I have been a patient with Proactive my neck pain has improved significantly.  I am comfortable recommending Dr. Nate and Proactive to anyone.

Bri M
I have had trouble with migraine headaches for years, until I met Dr. Nate.  After only a few visits I am pain-free and loving it.

Booker Family
>I never realized how the body truly works. How easily one thing can trigger your body functions. My chiropractor has done an excellent job of explaining this to me and in the meantime the adjustments have helped us tremendously.

Farrington S
Hi, My name is Farrington S. I was involved in a car accident in Dec. 2007. When I first came to Dr. Nate, I was in a physical mess! I was in constant pain. My neck had no range of motion and I walked around like I had a crook in my neck. I initially thought my problem was stress but after being adjusted by Dr. Nate, I felt like a burden had been released. My range of motion instantly improved and I grew a half of an inch it seemed. I am much better as a result of seeing Dr. Nate and no longer require pain meds or muscle relaxers. I wish I would have came here prior to the accident.

Debra Elmore-Nesheim
I first started coming to the chiropractor because of limited range of motion in my neck. I had a pinched nerve that radiated into my shoulder. After getting treated for about 6 months now, my range of motion has greatly increased and the pinched nerve is no longer an issue. And there’s a bonus! For 15 years I was lactose intolerant. However, chiropractic adjustments have improved my GI systematic function and now I can eat dairy products again! I celebrated at a recent family dinner with three bowls of ice cream with chocolate syrup. That’s something I hadn’t tasted for a long time! Oh, and I’m half an inch taller than I used to be!

It has been amazing how chiropractic care has helped my well being. When I first came in I was in a lot of emotional and physical pain. With gentle chiropractic care and massage, I have come a long way. I joined their wellness program which included customized exercises, vitamins, diet plan and a coach which I adore. I had someone I could discuss my weekly goals get weighted and taken my vitals. This was very helpful. Now I am utilizing a new effective low force “no popping” chiropractic technique that aligns my body with no pain.  I continue to discuss my issues and concerns about my health with my coach.  I am thankful I found a place where personal and wellness care are important to give to the patient in an environment that is relaxing and soothing to the mind, body and soul.

Richard H
Since coming to proactive I can honestly say that I do feel better, both physically and mentally. Dr. Nate offers natural solutions to one’s overall health. I often ask the doctor about my other medical issues, and he offers me alternative solutions and suggestions. Basically I feel they really care for me and that includes the other employees as well.

Erik S
The decision for chiropractic care has increased my mental and physical awareness to my body and its problems with my injury. Chiropractic care really releases the stress and tension in result of my accident. Direct attention to the problem, not medicating and just going straight to the problem. That in turn gives good results on pain management.  Working in a job that requires heavy lifting and very physical requirements, chiropractic care has really helped me gain the confidence that this injury will not keep me from working to my full potential. I would definitely recommend someone to give chiropractic care a chance because it can lead to a healthier and happy lifestyle. P.S. don’t forget the great massage therapist at their office.