Did you know

Did you know?

80% of people suffer from back pain 
Up to 75% of people suffer from neck pain
67% of students have Tech Neck postural distortion patterns 

I want my patients and community to feel great and be more productive at work.

With our Proactive Ergonomic Posture Program, we’ll discuss structural postural correction, neurologic postural correction, and ergonomics with clinical profession videos and handouts.

To ensure your progress, we’ll give you the systems, videos and handouts to support growth with postural correction. 

You will walk away from the ergonomic program with:

An evidence-based understanding of postural decline
Superior systems to make you feel better at work
A system to support continued results for months to come.

My promise to you, is that this new ergonomic program will be well worth your time and effort!  You will walk away with new knowledge and feeling great.

Postural decline is rampant, and how it is affecting our society is scary. 

Postural distortion patterns are affecting:

the cognitive, neurologic, and functional development of children
pain thresholds, stress, and sitting disease among workers
geriatric falls and loss of independence

On the program we'll discuss:The Neurology of Tech Neck Webinar:

Learn the neurology of Tech Neck postural distortion pattern.
See how visual system dysfunction impacts head posture.
Review research showing the physiologic impact of forward head posture.
Learn signs of Tech Neck with your current symptoms and pain.
See what to do to correct Tech Neck Postural distortion patterns

With 67% of students presenting with Tech Neck Posture, and numbers on the rise.  Right now is the time to have the research and clinical application for Tech Neck correction protocols.

Did you know that 67% of students suffer from Tech Neck?

Did you also know that Tech Neck Posture is associated with poor neck proprioception, impaired breathing, and increased neck pain disability?

If you are motivated to…

Help children have proper development free of pain and neurologic deficits associated with postural distortion patterns 
Reverse early onset cognitive decline due to poor posture and gait.
Help sedentary patients take an active stand and rise above postural decline.
Reverse pain associated with Tech Neck.
Get predictable results reversing postural hyperkyphosis (think that hump in your upper back) to help you breathe better and build resilience to stress.

Now, here’s what the Proactive Healthcare Ergonomic Program is:

It’s weekly exercises videos.
It’s weekly posture health tips.
It’s posture habit re-education videos to help you sleep better, sit more comfortable, take posture breaks, increase calorie burning while you work, ergonomic essentials for your desk station, and much more.
It’s not a boring Zoom call, but rather you have access to our knowledge and can contact the doctor at any time.


Reserve your spot today Click here to sign up https://www.proactivemn.com/contact-us

We are starting the program today but you can start your journey anyday even if you missed our October 20th kickoff date.

October 20, 2020

Dr. Burdash

Nate Burdash uses chiropractic care to improve the health and wellness in all areas of patient’s lives, whether they are having problems with back pain or neck pain, or just want to start feeling better when they wake up in the morning.