Neck & Back Pain

Alleviate Your Neck And Back Pain

St. Paul Neck and Back Pain Specialists

Neck_PainIf you sustained a neck injury and it never properly healed, you most likely suffer from pain on a daily basis. Your spine is designed to support your head, which can average about 12 pounds and cause serious pain over time. In addition, daily activities require you to move your head in nearly every direction, which can further put strain on your neck. Treating your neck pain with our St. Paul chiropractic care as soon as possible is imperative to your overall health and happiness.

Neck pain can be caused by many different things, including:

  • Car Accidents
  • Sports Accidents
  • Growing Older
  • Diseases, such as degenerative disc disease

Back_PainOur team at ProActive Healthcare can help minimize or eliminate your neck pain through our chiropractic services. Our chiropractor can sit down with you to discuss the type of pain you are experiencing prior to establishing a care plan custom designed to meet your needs. If you have questions pertaining to our neck pain services or wish to schedule a complimentary consultation with our chiropractor, please call us at (651) 778-0080.